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Illegal Calls to Your Cell Phone

Written by admin on . Posted in Illegal Calls to Cell Phone

It is a very common practice among debt collection companies to use “robo-dialers” to make debt collection calls. When they make these automated calls to your cell phone, they may be violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a very important and powerful law that gives you some very powerful rights.

The penalties for violating the law can be substantial. $500 if the call was unintentional and $1500 for intentional calls and violations of the law. The more you tell the collector to stop calling your cell phone, the more likely the calls will be deemed “intentional”. Seeing how these collectors will often call people multiple times a day, sometimes as many as five or ten times, you can see where the power of this law comes into play.

Remember, the only way these companies can auto-dial you is if you give them permission! If you have more questions regarding these types of calls, or more importantly, are a victim of these calls, call us for a a review of your case.

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